côte&ciel & MRBAILEY’s ORNE PLUS Twist Bag

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The MRBAILEY ORNE PLUS Twist Bag is a transformative mid-sized crossbody bag that can take multiple forms according to the wearer’s needs or preferences. Depending on which form the Twist Bag is in, the side pocket changes its location: for example, when the bag is in the ‘beanie’ shape, the pocket is external and when the bag is expanded, the pocket becomes an internal compartment. 

Moulded around an upside-down version of MRBAILEY’s iconic beanie hat, the bag features a more pronounced twist in the fabric at the bottom.

The MRBAILEY ORNE PLUS Twist Bag is fabricated using a smooth black nylon material.

Width : 40cm
Height : 23cm - 45cm