côte&ciel & MRBAILEY’s ORNE PLUS Twist Beanie

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Moulded around a wardrobe staple, the ORNE PLUS Twist Beanie is the product of a collaboration between MRBAILEY and côte&ciel that combines their unique design sensibilities.

This beanie is a piece of architectural headwear that is formed using côte&ciel’s signature practice of folding and twisting a single, flat piece of fabric to create volume and form, a method pioneered by côte&ciel’s Creative Director Emilie Arnault. With its iconic twist, this piece of material is attached to a brim and finished off with a dual-branded metal buckle for fastening.

The Twist Beanie is constructed using côte&ciel’s ‘Smooth Black’ nylon fabrication.

Width : 23cm
Height : 9cm

Limited Production Run 
Made in Italy