‘Low Poly’ Lace Tips

The Story

I originally started to work on this project after receiving a pair of Yeezy 2’s, and then subsequently losing one of my metal lace-tips after the first wear! I thought the idea of having a screw on/off metal lace-tip was super innovative, but thought it could be brought forward to another level in both function, aesthetics & the level of customization (being able to use them for any pair of shoe laces).

What i’ve come up with is a sculptured lace-tip that’s a little more art than just a functional aglet, that fastens onto your shoe lace securely. Simply unscrew the screw on the Lace-Tip, slide the Lace-Tip over your shoe lace and then fasten the screw tightly with the custom screw driver to secure the Lace-Tip in place.

After a lot of sketches and 3D models, the first samples were all 3D printed out of black ABS plastic & gold plated stainless steel to make sure everything would look great & work properly when I moved forward with the moulding process to have them produced.

I also printed the packaging in 3D, though I have decided to make the final packaging (which will be the same design) in thick card so it has a cleaner finish, with my logo embossed into the lid, and a foam lining at the base to secure the tips, screws & screw driver.


Initial Concept Sketches